Pyramid Power


Ancient Sumerian pic of a Dagon priest (and not human, besides) at the Tree with a ufo hovering over it that I want to keep track of! Is this for real? It  looks authentic and if it is it’s incredible!

Three gods were of particular importance to the Sumerians/Babylonians. Their names were: An (Babylonian Anu), the sky god; Enlil (Babylonian Ellil), the god of wind and water; and Enki (Babylonian Ea, or Musarus Oannes) , a god of the earth, water, and sky. Enki was fathered by the “bull,” An, progenitor and leader of the Sumerian Anuna: the sky-gods.

Although An was leader of the Anuna, he gave Enki the position of co-ruler with him in his temple at Eridug. Enki was described in various ways. He was “Lord of Earth,” a water-god and a god-king in the dragon-serpent tradition. He ruled the Sumerians from the horizon temple (pyramid) E-engura in the city of Eridug, and lived beneath it.

He was first or one of the first of the four or five man-fish Anuna that arrived from the Erythræan (Arabian) sea during the successive reigns of the ten human sub-regents who shepherded the people prior to the flood. …


Giant Sphinx Discovered Among Bermuda Triangle Pyramids 01/14/2013

Two scientists, Paul Weinzweig and Pauline Zalitzki, working off the coast of Cuba in a submersible robot, have confirmed that there is a huge city on the ocean floor. The site of the ancient city – including several sphinxes and at least four giant pyramids and other structures – surprisingly is within the boundaries of the legendary Bermuda Triangle.

They believe that the pyramids of Atlantis are built with stones of several hundred tons … . The ancient city also has magnificent sphinxes and “stones which are arranged like Stonehenge, and a written language engraved in stones,” advises Fernandez . Another giant pyramid topped with what looks like a crystal was discovered by divers in the Bermuda triangle [see: Pyramids of Glass Submerged in Bermuda Triangle] …


The PacificKukulcan, Hanuman, and the Pleiades

America The Black Pyramid Of The Son Of The Creator

The “stars” embedded in the bottom of the pyramid are said to depict Orion, but the proportions are wrong. It would be lovely to be able to make it part of the Pleiades, but this doesn’t really fit, either. It looks more like a portion of Cygnus than anything else I see.

And from another source, here is a short video discussing the remarkable feat of constructing and erecting the obelisks of ancient Egypt and speculating that they functioned as antennae for a pyramid-based power grid.

And read about Modern Pyramid Power activated by HAARP

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