Insurance Freedom

It’s not just that buying insurance forces me to subsidize abortion and other I guess related things that it is against my conscience to subsidize.

It is also against my conscience to support the corporate “health” system of consuming GMO food and otherwise poisoned food; then attempting to compensate for the resulting ill-health and disease by consuming non-food “medications”, followed when those fail by surgeries; and paying for that broken system  through the insurance companies who together with the food and drug companies lobby Congress to pass legislation that profits them to the destruction of the people. This system is so broken that it can no longer be sold in an open and free market, and so now these companies have colluded with the government to force people to pay into their system. This is nothing other than extortion. Obviously it is against my conscience to participate in a plan wherein I make myself the victim of extortion.

So, as of now, I don’t plan to participate. If I were to comply with the unconscionable requirements of the Affordable Health Care Act, I think I would use the Samaritan group, below.

Samaritan Non-Insurance

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