The Tesla Generator

I haven’t tried it, and this link may go dead, but as I type you can see a promo for instructions to build a “zero-point energy” electricity generator here.

Electricity and Solar Energy

Tin Hat Ranch has an excellent series of videos explaining solar power systems and their components. Meanwhile…

If you want to run a refrigerator–All of a sudden, you are looking at much much larger and more complex system. A full off grid cabin or very energy efficient home is probably in the range of 3.3 kWH per day.

A very useful device is a Kill-a-Watt type meter. Plug in each of the 120 VAC devices you plan to use during an outage–And find out how may kWH per day they really use. (from the AZ Wind & Sun Forum)

Solar Assessment

AC (Keep up with AC unit and fridge during hot sunny hours)

2000 watts AC = 120 volts x 20 amp circuit in my RV (volts times amps times 0.85 = watts)
65 watts Fridge (comparable “Apartment Size” unit on Amazon, about 9 cubic feet)

Solar Assessment Worksheet

Factory Direct prices:

Best way to heat home and green house if not enough sun will send heating from passive solar with earth ship info

greenhouse construction + rocket mass heater how to tutorial – YouTube

Solar step by step
How to Build a Solar Panel – Part 1 of 3 (New) – YouTube
How to Build a Solar Panel – Part 2 of 3 (New) – YouTube
How to Build a Solar Panel – Part 3 of 3 (New) – YouTube

Another How to Build a Cheap Solar System

Same guy with water  or could be wind
Working home made hydro Generator/ Runs two refrigerators free electricity – YouTube

Best batteries for solar
Nickel Iron Batteries or Edison Batteries | Electrical Engineering
Nickel Iron Batteries – A Lifetime Battery For Your Off-Grid System (or On-Grid Backup)!

History of the Edison battery with a 100 year old battery still starting the original car

Sources for various parts


Zapp Works – Nickel-Iron Batteries – Zapp Star Battery Prices
Nickel Iron Battery

Commercial package
Freedom Package
Shop for Complete Off-Grid Systems on IronEdison.com

Generator inverter style
A New and Less Expensive ON Grid or Off Grid set up? UtterPower.com

Do it your self

Steam generator from solar
Solar Power Break-Through – YouTube
How To Build a Solar Generator | MIT Technology Review
Students win grant for Lesotho solar generator – MIT News Office

EMP and Solar

Manure Power

Turning cow poo into power is profitable for US farm 8/9/15

Homemade Glow Stick

1/4 bottle of Mt Dew
a little baking soda
2 capfuls of hydrogen peroxide
Cap and Shake!

Free Electricity


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